Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Product Overview

Each year in the UK over 70,000 people suffer a Cardiac Arrest with most never receiving the treatment needed to survive. Time plays a crucial part in whether a Cardiac Arrest victim survives or not. Each minute that passes the Cardiac Arrest victims chance of survival decreases by 10%. After 5 minutes brain damage begins.

Unfortunately the average Ambulance response time is 9 minutes. This is why having an AED on your premises is crucial. You can shave precious minutes off the time taken for a Cardiac Arrest victim to receive treatment. You can save a life.

Available for just £1 a day, you can place a Concept Hygiene Automated External Defibrillator at the heart of your business.

Each defibrillator kit comes complete with;

• Carry Case
• Adult Pads
• Infant Pads (If required)
• Gloves
• Scissors
• Razors


• Easy to use
• Clear voice commands ensure the most effective action is taken
• Helps with fully synchronised CPR
• Fully Compliant to UK & British Standards
• Provides accurate ECG Analysis
• Detects pace makers
• Full training support is provided

Maintenance Plan

Concept Hygiene Automated External Defibrillators come complete with the very best maintenance plan available, ensuring that if needed, your AED is ready for action. Our Maintenance Plan includes;

• Regular Service Checks
• Free electrode pads check with a replacement if necessary
• Free battery check with a replacement if necessary
• Free software updates
• Free replacement battery and pads by next working day following use

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