Sanitary Waste Disposal

Sanitary Waste Disposal

Product Overview

Every day millions of women produce sanitary waste that needs to be disposed of safely, responsibly and with minimum harm on the environment. Concept Hygiene’s feminine hygiene bins are designed to meet the needs of today’s modern world, providing a safe and hygienic way to dispose of sanitary waste.

The provision of sanitary waste bins is not only a requirement for health & safety legislation but also protects the environment by encouraging the responsible disposal of sanitary waste.

Arguably the most important part of washroom services provision, the delivery of professional, discreet, and reliable sanitary product maintenance and waste disposal is an area in which we at Concept believe we have no equal.


• Keeps washrooms clean, safe and sanitary.
• Smooth surface that is easy to keep clean and dirt-free
• Slim line design that’s easy to fit into washroom cubicles.
• Touch-free pedal operation minimises direct contact
• Biocide ensures safe storage of waste & keeps bins fresh between services
• Fully tested & compliant under current EC legislation.

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