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Where can I get batteries for my defibrillator?

It has been reported recently that the UK is unable to get supplies of some batteries required for some older models of defibrillators. If you are struggling to replace your battery, we offer serviced plans on our ZOLL defibrillators including the supply of batteries.

For £429 per annum*:

  • ZOLL AED unit and carry bag
  • First aid kit including scissors and flannel
  • Mouth guard
  • Razor
  • Gloves
  • Regular service from our expert team
  • Replacement pads (replaced if used or expired)
  • Replacement batteries (replaced if expired or run out)
  • Signage
  • Wall bracket
  • Child pads

Our ZOLL defibrillator serviced packages give you peace of mind, both from having a reliable unit on your site and knowing that maintaining the defibrillator will not cost you any more money outside of this annual cost.

There have been no supplier shortages or delays reported with ZOLL and we have defibrillators ready and waiting to be installed on your site.

If you like to speak to one of our team regarding defibrillator packages, please contact victoria@concept-hygiene.co.uk or call 0151 5492266.

*based on a three year contract, annually renews. Billed annually.


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