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Defibrillator FAQ’s – Learn how to save a life!

We have put together a guide of the the most common defibrillator FAQ’s to help you to find answers to your questions about defibrillators and their accessories.


What is a defibrillator?

A defibrillator is a medical tool that is used on people who are suffering a sudden cardiac arrest. It delivers an electric shock to restart a fibrillating heart. Its job is to restart the heart by giving it a burst of eclectic energy, re-establishing the electrical pulses and allowing the heart to beat again. Without a defibrillator, the chances of survival are as low as 5% for someone suffering an out of hospital cardiac arrest.


Why do I need a defibrillator in my institution or workplace?

By having a defibrillator in your workplace and training employees in CPR, businesses can play an important part in helping people survive a cardiac arrest. It will also help to demonstrate your local communities and authorities that your business takes people’s safety seriously.


Does all my staff need to be trained to use a defibrillator correctly?

You don’t need to train staff to use a defibrillator, as it is made to be used by anyone. Defibrillators will have instructions attached, and a verbal guidance provided when the device is switched on. However, it might be useful to train your employees to perform CPR, as it will often be necessary after the use of defibrillator. It will be useful for staff to know where the defibrillator is kept, have a basic knowledge of what the defibrillators are used for and have an easy access to it in your workplace. This way, your business will guarantee an efficient behaviour in case of emergency.


Do any parts of the defibrillator have shelf life?

Yes, defibrillator batteries can last between 2-5 years, depending on a device model. They need to be regularly serviced to ensure all parts function correctly, as well as pad electrodes have to be changed after every use of the device.


How would I know if something is wrong with the defibrillator?

Defibrillators have an inbuilt daily self-service. The device will usually signal when the attention is needed. However, it is still necessary to handle regular professional service of the device to ensure it functions correctly.


What are the safety measures I need to take before using the defibrillator?

Ensure that the device has been serviced up to date and check that no parts are missing.


Is it always safe to use a defibrillator on a vulnerable person, such as an elderly or a pregnant person?

It is safe to use a defibrillator on a vulnerable or pregnant person. The defibrillator shock may not always be needed, depending on the heart issue the person experiences. Every defibrillator device has a sensor to measure a heartbeat first, to ensure that the shock is only provided if it is necessary.


Can a defibrillator be used when it is wet or raining?

Yes, defibrillators are safe to use in a wet environment. Ideally you should move the person to a dry place. However, if it is not possible, simply dry off the person’s chest before attaching the pad electrodes.


How often do I need to service the defibrillator?

Defibrillators need servicing by a professional regularly, at the very least once a year.


How to know which defibrillator to choose?

It is useful to consider the environment that you might need to use the defibrillator in. If it is more likely to be used it outside in harsh weather conditions, you will probably need a sturdier device, that will also continue to work in case it gets dropped by accident. Another matter to consider is whether you might need to use it on children, in which case you will need to make sure the defibrillator has child friendly pad electrodes included or purchased with the device.


Why choose defibrillators from concept hygiene?

Concept Hygiene offers to buy or rent defibrillators, as well as provides a 5-year manufacturer warranty for your purchase. Service plans available on rental defibrillators which include regular service calls, replacement pads, replacement batteries, signage and wall bracket.  Simply contact one of our product experts today for a no obligation discussion of your requirements.


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