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What happens to my waste?

All of our service team are trained to deal in the removal of feminine hygiene, clinical and sharps waste. But what do they do with the waste once they’ve collected it?

In consideration to our carbon footprint, we are conscious to not send any of our waste to landfill.

Infectious soft waste and offensive waste bags:

The depot will dispose of all offensive waste and infectious soft waste via incineration to ensure this is disposed in legally complaint manner whilst meeting the environmental targets. The infectious soft waste is pre-treated with heat prior to incineration, as per the waste regulations.

Sharps units:

The sharps unit containers are made from a minimum of 30% low carbon footprint recycled plastic with 100% recyclable lids to reduce the amount of single use plastic at your site. All waste is safely removed from your site and treated in a complaint manner (incineration) at the disposal site.

The depot look at all aspects of the production and disposal procedures to ensure the highest levels of energy saving, reduced carbon footprint and achieving the UK’s renewable energy targets.

They have a patented process to divert clinical waste from landfill to create energy from waste to power homes, schools, factories and hospitals.

When we service bins and collect waste at your site, we will issue you with an annual Duty of Care certificate which you keep for your records and will detail the conditions of our collections.

General Waste

The waste is collected from our site and then taken to a Materials Recycling Facility ( MRF) where the waste goes through a sorting process to recover the recyclable items. The remainder of the waste that cannot be recovered will be bundled and wrapped and sent to Waste to Energy where it will be incinerated and turned into energy which is then sold to the National Grid.

If you have any further questions regarding the collection of waste, please contact info@concept-hygiene.co.uk and we will be happy to help!


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