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Hygienic Cleaning for Floor Mats & Play N' Learn Mats

Our lift and launder service ensures that a hygienically clean mat is laid at your premises each month.

A range of services 

Whether it be a Logo, Dust Mat, or a Play N’ Learn Mat for children, our service team will remove and used mats and transport them to be laundered, with a clean mat is then laid in its place.

Our used mats go through a rigorous cleaning process and are cleaned at extremely high temperatures, as well as tumble dried.

Our laundry process promises to totally eliminate bacteria and drastically reduce any cross contaminations. 

As a member of our Play N’ Learn Mat Club, you will receive a different mat design for your child each month. As a Dust Control mat or Logo mat customer, you will receive identical mats each month. 

We believe that controlling bacteria spread has always been essential, but is now more important than ever when it comes to UK businesses protecting their staff and visitors alike. If you have a question about our Lift and Launder Service then please contact us direct today.

Why use our managed lift & launder service?

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Do I need a Lift & Launder Service?

Keeping your business premises safe and clean has never been more important. This is even more true for products and/or facilities which come into dirtier areas, such as flooring and washrooms.

Therefore, it is even more important to keep items such as Play n’ Learn Mats and wider Health & Safety Floor Mats clean and free from bacteria.

We provide our Lift & Launder Services for key industries including schools, nurseries & other public sector buildings, along with commercial workplaces. You should consider our Lift & Launder Services if your business does any of the following:

  • Welcome public guests to your facilities.
  • Provide floor coverings/mats in any of the public or private areas of your buildings.
  • Have a particular risk of mats coming into contact with other dirty materials. 



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