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DEGREASER Plus Sutter Professional 5L


Concentrated degreasing natural* detergent

Effectiveness tested against market leader in a ISO 17025 certified laboratory

Produced with raw materials from natural origin, fully biodegradable*

Suitable for food area

5L 4 Pack. Price per Bottle – £16.49


Product Information


High performing non-caustic degreaser, suitable to remove greasy dirt thanks to its stain removing and solubilising power.It contains vegetal origin raw materials (e.g. surfactants) coming from the processing of corn, potatoes and coconut oil. Phosphate and nickel-free (less than 0.01 ppm). Colourless and fragrance-free. Recommended also for food area.


1% (100 ml in 10 L of water).
The recommended dilution allows to save money and minimise environmental impact.

How to use

Manual usage and/or scrubbing machine. Dilute the product and apply on the surface. Leave it to act. Rinse in case of residues

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